New Years Resolutions

What are some of your goals/ New Year’s resolutions for Society Lounge in 2016?

Education, education, education…Wait, did I say education? The key to success! Most of our staff are part of the United States Bartenders Guild which offers some great educational seminars. We’d like to give our other staff members the opportunity to gain this knowledge as well. Here at Society, we believe that knowledge is power in all walks of life and learning is fun! We are looking forward to setting up some new staff training and classes through the Guild.

What are some things you did in 2015, that you want to do differently in 2016?

We think a lot was done right in the last year, especially our events! One of our goals is to really improve on what we already have. Rethinking the food menu, trying to build something that will better complement our drinks while representing true tapas style cuisine. We’d also like to add some events like monthly tastings and cocktail classes AND perhaps some incentives for local fellow industry workers. Currently we offer a free bite to eat after a shift and a discount but we feel that by extending some of our educational events as well we could really make a difference.

If there was one thing you could say to your customers about 2015 what would it be? Would it be different for 2016?

For us there are no customers just guests, friends and friends to be… And mainly we’d like to say Thank You! Thank You for filling this past year with smiles and great times. Some of our greatest loved ones and friends were made within these walls and it warms our hearts to know that we get to help others celebrate milestones and unwind!

For the people of 2016, come drink with us! We know that cocktails can be intimidating, but we think that if you give us chance, you’ll find that our staff is very down to earth and loves sharing insight. We love helping people not only appreciate a good drink, but gain understanding that they can take home with them OR use later on.

Is there anything special that society lounge does to kick off the New Year?

We are in the process of planning our annual employee holiday party right now! They have been known to be a bit epic. First year’s theme was “Ass Meets Class” and consisted of a stocked limo, tuxedos and dive bars. This past year we did “Booze Your Own Adventure” which was an event with actors calling in missions, a shooting range (in other words, a friends bar with shots ready for us), and ending in a literal dungeon. We may have our work cut out for us this year if we want to live up to the past few years!

What is your favorite way to kick off the New Year?

Working New Year’s Day and inviting lots for friends and industry folks! Our Annual Holiday Party is always a good time too J