Coco Fashioned

Welcome to the staff pick where we invite employees to share their favorite concoctions!

This month we introduce Lindsey Hawes and a recent favorite, the Coco Fashioned!

Lindsey Hawes has a strong background in craft beer and home brewing that stems from over 10 years in Iron Age historical recreation, a period marked by its prevalent iron use. Lindsey is a bit of a history geek behind the bar and could tell you not only where the drinks and cocktails originated from but how they have developed over the decades. She prides herself on being one of the most technical individuals behind the bar.

When did you first have the coco nib old fashioned?

We introduced the drink a few weeks ago for a going away party. The host loved chocolate drinks so our Director of Operations created an infusion just for him.

What do you love about the cocoa nib old fashioned?

It’s a rich drink with a little sweetness and a hot finish from the mole bitters.

What makes this drink unique?

It’s a house infused bourbon.

What famous person in history would you most likely see drinking the cocoa nib old fashioned?

Skip, I wouldn’t mind having this drink on a fall camping trip.

What would you pair with it?

Steak. Something with a coffee rub.

What would this drinks spirit animal be?

A greyhound for the irony.

How many cocoa nib old fashioned’s would it take to screw in a light bulb?

3 but you’re too drunk to be on a latter so I would just hold off on that until the morning.