Agave Herbal Smash

Welcome to the staff pick where we invite employees to share their favorite concoctions! Big “Thank you!” shout out to Jamie Adair for her contribution to our post this month! You may have seen her drink selection on our Facebook page recently for the July Facebook contest!

Jamie’s Drink Selection is the Agave Herb Smash:  

I love the Agave Herb Smash because it is a great balance of being strong and herbaceous yet also cool and refreshing!”


  • Cliantro Infused Tequila
  • Agave Nectar
  • Muddled Lime and Mint

The man behind its conception, Joseph Frederickson, says the drink is meant to be a fun twist on the classic Brazilian staple, The Caipirinha (circa 1918).

“It adds beautiful layers of both savory and refreshing herbs to the simplicity of a classic recipe. The Tequila and agave are perfect complements to the fresh robust flavor profile.”

And not unlike most great creations this was born out of playful creativity and has been a hit ever since!

And when it comes to working at Society Lounge what does Jamie like best?

“My crazy family of coworkers and friends I’ve made on the other side of the bar that keep coming back again and again!!!”

Try it out on your next visit and keep an eye on our Facebook for chances to win special prizes and discounts! J